Family businesses account for 70% of the Australian business landscape

Wealthy families usually have trusted advisers in many fields to attend to the legal and compliance aspects of their fortune: law, accounting, risk management, insurance, investing. With all this good and practical work going on, many have never discussed a goal to work towards, or developed a clear idea about how to put all the advice together to get the best outcome overall for all family members, now and into the future.

This is where Cognitive Family Office begins, by building a road map to your future. This road map recognizes that every family is different – family dynamics, goals and ideas about how to achieve those goals need to be understood and respected. At Cognitive Family Office we take very seriously the importance of working with family members to help them articulate their goals and come to a united view about how to work together to achieve agreed goals. For this reason we employ a careful planning cycle that builds and maintains vigilance of your assets.