Weekly Insights From The FNArena News Desk 02/04/19

It is undoubtedly the most difficult decision to make for investors in the share market: when is it time to sell?

I am not talking about when to jump off perennial high-flyers such as a2 Milk ((A2M)) or Altium ((ALU)), where the decision most likely translates into when do I start crystallizing some of my profits, and how much? – I am talking about that part of the investment portfolio that is least talked about: the dogs, the bad decisions, the ‘it looked a good idea at the time’ losing positions that continuously test our character, our resolve and confidence, and possibly our mental sanity.

Just to be clear: owning a few bad apples in portfolio is not something that happens to inexperienced, unlucky or lesser informed investors only. It happens to all investors of all colours, shapes, and levels of experience.

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