Weekly Insights From The FNArena News Desk 09/04/19

I am probably not revealing any big secrets when I state the local share market is getting the heebies jeebies every time the 2018 high comes within spitting distance.

This despite reassurances from technical analysts, or at least some of them, the market’s bias remains to the upside. Thus far there has been no appetite to push the ASX200 too far down because, you know, Trump and Xi might actually announce something concrete and that would put equities on a higher level pretty quickly.

Investors’ dilemma was put on notice by the team of global strategists at Citi. On their assessment, any calls for recessions and bear markets and the like are way, way, way too early and totally overblown at this stage, but, on the other end, further upside for global equities between now and year-end is estimated at the grand total of… (wait for it)… 2%.

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