Weekly Insights From The FNArena News Desk 28/05/19

About one year ago today there was virtually no-one in the Australian share market who was interested in buying shares in TechnologyOne ((TNE)).

There was the occasional analyst who dared to point out the shares looked too cheap in light of the company’s admirable track record, and ongoing buoyant growth prospects, but few only were paying attention.

One of the few was I because the FNArena/Vested Equities All-Weather Model Portfolio (see further below) owns shares in the company and I personally regard TechnologyOne the highest quality software company listed on the ASX, and one of the true all-weather performers locally.

But, as said, nobody wanted a bar of it. Upon persistent failure to move away from the $5 mark, the share price spent some time near $4.50 before turning back to around $5, where it still resided when I presented at the national conference of the Australian Investors Association (AIA) in early August.

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